Assorted Photos

10 June 2010

“Cape Town For Jesus”

28 March 2010

Cool Stuff

24 January 2010

I’d really like a couple of these bladeless fans from Dyson. How cool is that?

With 2 babies in the home, I sure wouldn’t want them dismembering their digits. Right? Hehehe!

Now how about a conversation partner with attitude? This is one funny Joebot.

Birth of Ellie Yip

20 December 2009

JYWY Dispatch (September 2009)

12 September 2009

Spring has arrived to South Africa and with it new life. Likewise, our baby has decided to reveal itself … Emma will be having a baby sister! We found out on Thursday after the doctor’s visit. WY is doing well and the baby is growing in line with the charts. Next comes the search for names. Any suggestions?

John leaves for Accra today and returns next Friday. He will be conducting Ubabalo training at the International Sports Leadership Training (Level 2) in Accra until next Thursday. There are 20 students from over 8 countries.

We hope that you too are doing well. We’d love to get an update on your life.


  1. Emma is down with a viral infection and is battling a mild fever and cough. It started on Thursday night. Pray for her quick recovery.
  2. Pray that WY will be patient, gracious and strong as she deals with a sick toddler. It will be challenging with John being away.
  3. Pray that John will remain in good health during his time in Ghana, and that he will have wisdom and discernment when facilitating the training.

Emma At The West Coast National Park

30 August 2009

Goa, India

5 August 2009


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